Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before, During And The Aftermath. 
           The Rare Side Of Pregnancy You Haven't Seen...
Is A Worldwide Awareness Organization Of HG Activist Dedicated To Advocacy For HG Mothers and Offering HG Support Sisters and Ongoing Support To Mothers During An HG Pregnancy Or In The Aftermath of Hyperemesis Gravidarum  .

Starr, I just want to say ( I know it is kind of squishy but I may never have the guts to tell you this in the future) It is because of you I first felt adamant about talking to people about HG. My first social post about HG, I posted because of you. I was ashamed of vomiting my guts out I was even ashamed of being pregnant again with HG... I wanted to hide from the world because of it.. Something you and Vanessa posted on a group somewhere made me strong to say the least, and speak up and tell everything what I'm going through.... If you look back to my FB 2012 thread, I NEVER posted anything about what I went through during pregnancy because my OBGYN did not diagnose me so I never knew any support groups existed.. I didn't speak up , because of you your impact is widely praised, Thank you Starr for doing what you do. You have given me such strength to speak up. After wanting to terminate, feeling like I wanted to leave this world just so I did not have to deal with HG and everything that comes with it, including pure depression and separation issues with my spouse etc.

One thing was sure and you gave me strength . I still cry and think of you and your stories every time I read  it and need a remember... " If she can, I can," Thank You Sister Starr

- Kananimauloa Patricio

I fought HG my whole pregnancy, during the  beginning of the third trimester I stumbled upon Starr's page and immediately felt welcomed and understood, Through all my hospitalizations she would always check in late at night early in the morning. Her Support saved my life. I wish I found Starr sooner.

- Gabriella Sorrentino

Messages From HG Mothers Thanking Starr For All Her Help And Support 

Starr, you saved me and my daughter we would be dead it it wasn't for you. Thank you for giving me the support during my nine months of hell, I don't know how I would of made it during and in the aftermath. I am proud to call you my friend.

- Brooke Machado 

So proud to call this women my HG sister and friend. Please watch and share her video her you tube clip to help Starr with her dream to go viral. I wish I had seen it and had her in my life when I first realized it was NOT morning sickness. But through the wonderful work done by the evidence based on the HER Foundation and its incredible FB support groups, she is with me now and has been such an inspiration to me and my determination to openly discuss the illness that has, and continues to threaten everything important in my life.

Thank you Starr.

-Kerry Budding

I am so sorry the aftermath has been so ridiculously and unfairly hard on you. You of all people should've gotten a bright light at the end of the tunnel. You've been my light so many times and we haven't even met. I'm sure a lot more moms would agree. Thanks isn't enough but if going through one more HG pregnancy could ease some of what you are going through in the aftermath I would do it. Love you sis. Besides you and hubby and IV fluids would get us through ( No Doubt )

- Stephanie Bernstein

Starr is an incredible wealth of knowledge and support women for HG. Her passion for this cause is tangible and her resources are invaluable to women in the crux of suffering.

-Kellie Steele Harman 

More to come being updated.