Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before, During And The Aftermath. 
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Because when I was 21, I got into a very bad car accident, a drunk driver hit me and my world got turned upside down!  I broke my back, crushed my legs, was paralyzed and in a coma for over 8 months!  I had to learn how to walk, talk, read and write, and speak all over again.  It was the hardest time in my life, at least till this point in time....  With a lot of therapy and a lot of hard work I slowly started walking and learning how to write and speak once again!  I was also living with Fibro; it’s a disease that causes widespread pain all over my body with no cure!  By the time Robert and I started dating I was no longer using a wheelchair unless it was a bad day that I would get from time to time.  Most days I could walk and some days I was stuck in bed unable to move!  Following my accident, I was told I would never have any children!  For one thing: I was on a lot of medications and I had not had a period for ten years!  They said I had PCOS (periods only once in a while or lack of periods all together) and it's very hard to have a baby when you don't have a period...  When I was told I would not be able to had children, I was in my early twenties and I wasn't ready for kids anyways.  Now I was almost 31 years old, and I was so sad for my future because I wanted to settle down and have a family!  I knew whatever god had in store for me, was what he wanted, if it was his will I would have children!  Robert was okay with me not giving him a child, as he had an 8 year old daughter from a previous relationship!  He would tease me all the time you will have my baby...  I would smile and laugh it off, but thought to myself ‘it’s never going to happen, I thought in my head he was honestly crazy.

My first picture announcing I was pregnant

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" Telling an HG mother to suck it up or eat a cracker or drink Ginger is a slap in the face"

​- Starr Andrews Strong 

99 Cent Store Test  Post

With my PICC Line It was my life line.

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After buying 15 or so tests my hubby went to the 99 cent store and spent his last $5 dollars out of his check and said try this and this time I took a test and it came out Positive.  I had two pink lines for the first time...  I was in shock to be honest; I took the rest of the tests he bought the next morning just to make sure that it wasn't a dream.  My husband kept saying I knew you were pregnant all along Starr.  I smiled and said you were right honey, but let’s see what the doctor says (we were just thinking ‘this is just morning sickness, it will go away after the first trimester’) I wrote my OBGYN asking for a blood test and went in to test my HCG level and I looked up the results up on my HMO's website and it was at 500, she didn't write me back right away and I was wondering what does this mean?  Am I indeed pregnant?  I wrote her an email and she said make an appointment to come see me so we can make sure this is a viable pregnancy and that the baby is attached in the right spot! She said with my history don't get too excited because I could of been losing the baby how sick I was or had a molor pregnancy! I wanted to be excited; I wanted this little life from the very start!  I told my best friend Kierra at the time all about what was going on and she said she knew this baby was going to be born and healthy.  I wanted to believe her so much.   She also said you're having a girl Starr.  I laughed when she told me and said I hope so but I just wanted a healthy baby! I told her.  You will be there with me when we find out the sex anyway silly!  This was a Friday and I didn't see my OB until Monday.  I started to have very bad cramping.  The cramping got so bad that night my hubby picked me up and carried me to his truck and off to the emergency room we went.  This would be one of the many many trips I would take to get help!  I got right in and they said we will repeat blood work check your HCG level and go from there, they hooked me up to fluids. They said I looked dehydrated I said I had been vomiting all night long.  They said it was so early in my pregnancy it was hard to tell if I could be having a miscarriage or not...  My hubby and I prayed when the doctor left the room for our little angel to be safe!  The doctor came back later and said my HCG level has gone up since the last time they tested me.  He said if it keeps going up it’s a good sign and after the first three months it would be safe to say I wasn't going to miscarry.  He said all the vomiting was normal morning sickness and it will go away by 12-15 weeks.  He said I should look in to seeing a high risk doctor because of all my health problems and the medication I was on!  He said I was very blessed to get pregnant and to take it easy when I get home and get some rest!  I got discharged after four bags of fluids and shots of intravenous Zofran and Reglan and a GI cocktail. At this point I still did not believe this was just morning sickness, but I listen to the doctors as I thought they new best. Little did I know this was the start of nine months of hell.

Modeling right before pregnancy.

Many negative test after test

       Starr Andrews Strong HG Story

         "HG Is Not Morning Sickness Please Stop Calling It That "

                          - Starr Andrews Strong

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Hi, my name is Starr Andrews-Strong and this is my short story of having Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath!
 On July 12th, 2010, I started getting really nauseated.  I never had this type of nausea before it was different then the nausea I got from my chronic pain and then I started episodes of nonstop vomiting and when I say non stop it was from morning till the next day and the next day after that.  Sometimes it would be 50-100 times in one day that I vomited!  I had bad pain in my stomach, I couldn't keep any of my medications down, my throat was so raw and I was vomiting blood, I couldn't even swallow my own saliva without vomiting it was really bad! Anytime my husband or mother in law would cook food, I would have to shut the door and put a towel in the crack of the door and get under my covers and cover my face with a towel because the smell would get to me!  I usually loved the smell of  food cooking but it was making me very very sick!  My sense of smell was enhanced a lot for some reason way more than normal! Finally, my husband took me to the ER when I was vomiting every single day without a break and I was treated for the pain with morphine and didaudid!  I tried to control it at home with Pedialyte and Jello water and ice cubes I could suck on.  No matter what I would eat or drink it always came back up, I tried crackers in the morning, 7 Up, Ginger ale , even wrist bands for motion sickness,  anything we could think of,  nothing was helping me.  My hubby went out and bought some home pregnancy test and I tested negative on each test and it was still saying I was not pregnant!  I didn't understand why I was getting so sick every day. Was I dying? What the hell is causing me to be so sick?  There was something really wrong with me?  I honestly thought to myself if I'm not pregnant then I was very sick and I was going to slowly starve to death and die from whatever was wrong with me!  I knew this was NOT my CVS, CVS is Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome . I  would get cycles of vomiting but this was NOT even close to what CVS felt like I  knew deep down something else was wrong, I just couldn't fathom the real, of HG and how it takes a toll on your mind and body. 

Picture with my PICC line and IV fluids hanging.

Engagement photo of Robert & I

I suffered so bad from HG. I had such a journey with HG, in my book you will read about my beginning my life before HG,, life during HG and my life in the aftermath of HG. You will read, you will cry and you will most of all be able to understand and know you are not alone in this journey of HG. I look forward to sharing my journey my nightmare of nine months of hell and beyond of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  Please know you are not alone, HG is not morning sickness and don't let anyone in the medical field tell you it is. HG can kill you morning sickness won't. Dehydration and malnourishment is dangerous it's important to fight for you and your baby. If you are to weak and sick you need an advocate to fight for you. If you can't locate a HG friendly doctor you need to find one. Not having the proper treatment during HG can be detrimental to your health and your babies health.  You will be able to read my full story in my book HG before during and the aftermath.

Keep fighting don't give up and you are entitled to good health care. Ask for a PICC line and home health care so you can be sick at home.

Starr Andrews Strong