Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before, During And The Aftermath. 
           The Rare Side Of Pregnancy You Haven't Seen...
Is A Worldwide Awareness Organization Of HG Activist Dedicated To Advocacy For HG Mothers and Offering HG Support Sisters and Ongoing Support To Mothers During An HG Pregnancy Or In The Aftermath of Hyperemesis Gravidarum  .

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Contact  HGBDATA , are you sick with HG and at your wits in? Do you need help on what direction to take to fight for your care? If you need help because you are suffering from HG or think you have HG, please reach out to us. At HGBDATA we have HG crisis volunteers are here to offer support during and in the aftermath of HG. We run a support group on Facebook, please find us on Facebook in groups, or contact us by filling out our form below. 

 If You Like To Share Your HG Story with us?  Did you suffer from HG and still sick in the aftermath?  Are you a doctor or a nurse and need more help to educate yourself to help a patient suffering from HG?  Would you like to share about seeing an HG mother you personally seen really sick? We want to hear from you. If you have a loved one sick or took care of a loved one that suffered with HG and like to share your story we want to hear from you. Are you an HG father and like to share how you felt about unable to do anything to make the mother of your child better? Reach out to us . We are here to support and help you, please contact us and if we are unable to help we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

 Contact us if you are still sick after HG, we want to hear from you! If you are currently suffering and need support and need to speak with a HG support sister, contact us.. Do you want to join our HG movement and be an HG activist? If so contact us we want you to be part of our team!

-Are you a mother who is suffering from HG now and like to share how you are feeling now? We like you to share just a few sentences of what you feeling. We want to share HG in the raw.

Does all your family understand? Do you feel alone because everyone saying suck it up? Your awful for taking medication?

( HG is NOT morning sickness and is life threatening pregnancy condition that can kill you and your baby ) 

-Are you getting good medical care? Are you on home health care? Have you been denied these treatments and feel alone? Reach out we can help you . It is important to fight for your care. 

-Are you an HG survivor and dealing with the aftermath and having a hard time moving forward? You are not alone. Many HG mothers are still sick even after their baby is born. Contact us if you like to share the aftermath. If you are healthily after HG we want to hear from you also.


-Are you a nurse or a doctor and like to know more to help a sick patient? Or like to share any knowledge or anything for the book please contact us we want to hear from you .

- Any loved ones that suffered watching someone you loved like an HG dad, mother, sister, brother, or friend of someone with HG we like to hear from you.

-Please reach out if you like to share a tit bit for our HG truth part of our book.

                                     Thank You so much.


                 Starr Andrews Strong  & Yeni Lozano 


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