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The 3 most important things to do if you have Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

1:Find a doctor who offers compassionate and expert treatment of HG. The HER Foundation website has a list of doctors throughout the United States and in over 15 countries worldwide. These doctors have been recommended by those who experienced HG.

2:Find an advocate to speak on your behalf to doctors, nurses and family/friends so they know what you need and how you are responding to treatment. When ill, it’s difficult to remember details and deal with issues about managing HG.

3:Find an educated group of HG women who know what you are enduring. This is why the HER Foundation was created over a decade ago. So many myths surround HG, people will make rude and insensitive comments like “Just eat some crackers” or “Oh, I had that and just had to force myself to eat.” HG survivors can help you deal with those uneducated about HG and direct you to HER Foundation web pages with expert information you can share with them. You will find support on our website forums and Facebook page.

The HER Foundation can help you find a doctor in your area and provide you with a supportive volunteer. If you need immediate help contact

3/11/2016 Update:

Blog contest winner is announced. Congratulations to Emma Paget for winning the blog contest. You story is Her story

You can read some of her story here and go click on the icon for her full story.

Join us at the beautiful Diversey Harbor on Saturday, May 20, 2017 for the Purple Bucket Run/walk, which includes a timed 5K run/walk & a 1 mile fun run with awards. You can also run virtually/locally. All race proceeds benefit HER Foundation education and research. Show your appreciation for our sponsors and fundraise to make this the #BestRaceEver!

Her Story Contest winner Emma in her own words click the icon above to read her full story :

I had a niggle*. A niggle that remained after all plausible causes for my bouts of sickness and fatigue were eliminated and two whizzy sticks later the niggle was confirmed. There was a bundle of joy! I was brought to my knees – in the bathroom. Repeatedly!

“Morning sickness is part of the pregnancy!”

“It won’t last. Once you hit 3 months, it’ll go”

So I persevered. I met my midwife. I didn’t think to tell her that I was sick all the time. Brushing my teeth made me spew. My flatmate’s perfume made me spew. The smell of coffee, jerky braking on transport, moving from my bed to upright. Morning noon and night. It was relentless, exhausting, and I felt pathetic.

I thought “I’m failing at motherhood already.” Eight weeks in, and I was falling apart. Unable to get a handle on basic day to day things, perform at my job – let alone nourish my newly growing Bundle. But this is normal right? Just the untold aspect of morning sickness surely? I needed to pull myself together.

Starr Andrews Strong wearing the shirt she designed to support her book coming out at the end of the year.

October is coming and it will the first annual Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The Aftermath . Hyperemesis Gravidarum affects 2% of pregnant women . Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a severe life threatening pregnancy condition that is not "just morning sickness" it's beyond ..... 

Hyperemesis Gravidarum can cause lasting physical and mental medical issues for mother and sometimes there child . It's so important for fighting for your care or for a mother you know who has Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)! Aggressive medical care can mean a matter of life or death . 
I hope everyone will take part in the first annual#HGAndTheAftermathAwarenessMonth 
Join the #HGMovement and be part of making Hyperemesis Gravidarum well known around the world . 
Are you Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) aware ? What about HG and the aftermath aware ? Learn , educate , and most of be HG aware.

3/31/16 Update:

PTSD chat on Twitter come join us on twitter in support of PTSD and raising awareness how HG plays a huge role in it.

Get ready the month of May is coming up and it will be our second semi annual Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) awareness month . What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum you ask ? What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum? Hyperemesis Gravidarum- HG for short. Is a severe form of pregnancy sickness, that can be life threatening this is not morning sickness it's beyond. With HG it is extreme nausea and vomiting that is "unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids." It causes severe dehydration and malnourishment in the mother. HG and morning sickness are not the same. Don't let anyone tell you that they are the same as they are NOT! 
Because HG and morning sickness are like day and night, fruit vs veggie not in the same ball park. Below we will explain below what the difference is and some facts.
HG is not a normal pregnancy. You can't eat or drink. Your have severe nausea and or vomiting. This is not morning sickness it's beyond. Under HG stories, you will read stories of mothers who have suffered from HG, and see there is a difference between HG and morning sickness.
HG causes premature birth. Many HG mothers are not aware of this. HG mothers are 4 times more likely to give birth early, are you aware. 
HG can cause lifelong health issues for mother and baby after HG is over. Often mothers are left to suffer alone and not have understanding and feel depressed and suffer from PTSD, PPD,PPA.
HG is life threatening and not a joke. It is a severe form of nausea and vomiting that can lead to death of the child and mother.
1 out 3 babies do not make it to a live birth. we believe this number is much higher, because we have personally known so many HG mothers who have lost their babies due to HG. Are you aware? The research we have done is more like 3 out 5 don't make it to a life birth.


Once a year the HER Foundation celebrates HG awareness day worldwide. May 15th every year we support and raise awareness. What is HG?

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is a debilitating and potentially life-threatening pregnancy disease marked by rapid weight loss, malnutrition, and dehydration due to unrelenting nausea and/or vomiting with potential adverse consequences for the mom-to-be and the newborn(s).

Updates On New Information In The HG Community From The Her Foundation And

HG Before During And The Aftermath.

Suffering from HG and CVS is one thing that has been very hard to explain to many who have never heard of HG or CVS. In my research I have actually met a lot of mothers suffering in the aftermath with CVS. I always thought somehow some way these were in the same DNA factor and now Dr. Marlenda Fejzo has said this. This is huge groundbreaking news for many of us that have or are suffering from HG now. More research needs to be done, but this can only be done if the HER Foundation gets more funding. All of the proceeds go right back into helping find a cause and a cure for HG. Linking CVS and HG is huge. I am proud that I sent my DNA into help. Please even if you can donate $1.00 every bit adds up.

​We can only find a cause and a cure if we get more funding for it. The HER websites has huge amounts of resources and information on HG. I don't want my daughter to suffer from HG, do you want your daughter to suffer if you have a girl? We need to give back to HER Foundation for helping us for over 12 years.

Join #TeamHER for the 5K run/walk in Chicago or virtually!!

7/24/16 Update: Starr will be doing a video

​presentation for the Gastroenterology 2016

medical conference in Birmingham UK on 8/11/16-8/12/16 to educate thousands of doctors around the globe on what it is like to suffer from HG.  

A study published by UCLA and supported, in part, by the Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation found no evidence linking Zofran to birth defects.

“What was really significant to me was that women with extreme morning sickness who took Zofran reported fewer miscarriages and terminations and experienced higher live birth rates,” Fejzo said. “Taking this medication helped them get through their pregnancies and gave them their desired outcome, a live birth.”
Marlena Fejzo, PhD

Source: UCLA Health
Read the full study or HER Foundation collaborative research.

“In this retrospective study, data on outcomes were collected on 1,070 pregnancies exposed to Zofran and compared to outcomes in two control groups, 771 pregnancies in women with a history of HG with no Zofran exposure and 1,555 pregnancies with neither a history of HG nor Zofran exposure. Heart defects were reported in five of 952 infants in the HG/Zofran-exposure group and in eight of the 1286 infants born to women who did not have HG and were not exposed to Zofran. Cleft palate was reported in one of 952 live births in the HG/Zofran-exposure group and in two of 1286 in the women who did not have HG and did not take Zofran.”

“This retrospective cohort study is part of a larger, ongoing investigation evaluating the genetics and epidemiology of HG. Eligible patients were primarily recruited through advertising on the Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation Web site at between 2007 and 2014.”

“This study suggests that having a history of HG, not the exposure to Zofran, may be associated with an increased risk of birth defects,” Fejzo said. “Women have to weigh the evidence of the efficacy of one of the most effective drugs for nausea and vomiting against the risk of birth defects. Women and their babies need nutrition during pregnancy, and if they have less nausea and vomiting that goal may be accomplished.”
Marlena Fejzo, PhD


4/30/16 Update:

HG awareness day is coming what are you going to do to raise HG Awareness  

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before, During And The Aftermath. 
           The Rare Side Of Pregnancy You Haven't Seen...
Is A Worldwide Awareness Organization Of HG Activist Dedicated To Advocacy For HG Mothers and Offering HG Support Sisters and Ongoing Support To Mothers During An HG Pregnancy Or In The Aftermath of Hyperemesis Gravidarum  .

 12/10/15 Update: 



Update: 9/30/16:

The First Annual HG Before During And The Aftermath Awareness Month 

12/1/15 Update: The 3 most important things if you have HG! 3 important things when suffering from HG.

Tell us about the road to pregnancy, the onset of HG, the good the bad, and the ugly. Each month one HG mom's story will be voted. I am so excited about this contest!

5/9/16 Update: No evidence found linking Zofran to birth defects.  This is great news

for HG mothers who do not want to take 

medications but have to in order to survive.

1/19/16 Update:

Share your story in HER Blog contest and raise awareness at the same time. Email your 500 word story to you have to 2/10/16

Starr will be presenting at the 6th annual global GASTRO 2016 on HG. This is such a huge honor. To view the medical presentation click below. 

3/23/17 Update:  May is our 2nd semi annual HG Before During And The Aftermath Awareness Month. Get Ready To Raise Awareness. 

Starr and SK supporting their HG Awareness

Shirts for HG awareness day on May 15, 2016

HER is hosting #PTSDchat tonight at 6 pm PT (9 pm ET). Join us in a conversation about PTSD after HG via this special Twitter chat using the hashtag #PTSDchat.

Survivors of hyperemesis gravidarum may have problems with self-esteem, intimacy, guilt, and conditioned food aversions. Pregnant women may experience anxiety and depression related to helplessness from receiving inadequate treatment for hyperemesis, fear of the hyperemesis recurring in future pregnancies, painful and invasive treatments, and having to face the fear of serious harm or death to herself and/or her unborn child.

5/1/16 Update:

We raise $102.00 for the HER Foundation with our T-shirt fundraiser through Booster. Thank you to everyone who bought a shirt and supported our efforts. We could not of done it without you.

12/5/15 Update:

We need each HG mom, a loved one or someone you know affected by HG to sign this.

When your loved ones become your nurse and your unborn child becomes your illness, pregnancy no longer becomes a dream come true, it becomes a nightmare. Thousands of moms-to-be around the world are misdiagnosed, mistreated and misunderstood when they are told their dehydration, malnutrition and constant vomiting is simply morning sickness.  Their bodies literally reject food and water.  Many terminate due to despair and lack of proper diagnosis.  This misunderstood and deadly disease is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum – or HG.

We need YOUR help to press lawmakers, researchers and the medical community into action on behalf of HG sufferers everywhere.

We have heard from thousands of you over the past few years and our community continues to grow.  Now we are asking YOU to join us in the fight against HG and challenge the medical community and Congress to find a cause and cure.

Research will help fund:

Tracking of true HG rates in the U.S. and abroad
Engaging research labs that will result in more drug treatment options and provide a new medical protocol for HG care and treatment
Educating medical practitioners on the huge impact of the disease

Add your name below today and help us advocate on behalf of you, your family or a friend.
Please click on the HER Foundation below to sign the petition

3/23/17 Update: Join Team Her for the 5K run/walk in Chicago or virtually run. 

1/4/16 Update:

The HER Foundation is super excited to begin 2016 with so much enthusiasm about the genetic research finding. Thanks to our volunteers, we also served 1000’s of mothers last year! With your support, we anticipate this year will be even more successful!

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Education, Research & Awareness Petition