Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before, During And The Aftermath. 
           The Rare Side Of Pregnancy You Haven't Seen...
Is A Worldwide Awareness Organization Of HG Activist Dedicated To Advocacy For HG Mothers and Offering HG Support Sisters and Ongoing Support To Mothers During An HG Pregnancy Or In The Aftermath of Hyperemesis Gravidarum  .

Hello my name is Amy and this is my short story on Hyperemesis Gravidarum. My full story will be shared in the book Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath. I never thought I would have a child, so when I found out the excitement didn't last long as it turn to severe nausea and vomiting. I was scared this is something no mother should go through ever.

I remember being in a country medical clinic so hungry and dehydrated with cracked lips that they had an IV drip in my arm. I'd found out days earlier I was pregnant. All the excitement taken away and replaced by relentless nausea I was terrified It was the start of the snow season here in Australia and cold.
When the doctor came in she smiled at me saying "you poor thing"  She sat next to me and said  "This is not normal you no doubt have Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  The doctor said to me , I know because I was like you with all my babies right till the end with each one . It may last a little while or like me you could go till the end like this" She gave me an information sheet with a list of things to try from crackers to Zorfran and explained if I got really bad I'd end up needing to be fed via a peg feeding tube and IV fluids. 


"Cannabis Is life saving my daughter and I would of died without it. I am speaking out as this subject is taboo to most. I can't stay in silence anymore and must speak up to raise awareness for HG and how cannabis can save you.  I  must speak out to help HG mothers to know there is hope . Cannabis saves life's and has never killed anyone. "

- Amy G 

I was in real danger of losing this child we were never meant to have. To know that and face that every minute of every hour of every day is torture. Then add in the relentless nausea it's hell I use the word hell because I imagine hell would be just like this. Your burning from the inside out. My fiance was told he would never have kids so it was a miracle to conceive and now I had HG.  It's not fair, I remembered someone given me a cannabis joint once when I had some gastric issues a few years before and I remember how great that worked for the nausea and vomiting.  People use it during chemotherapy for nausea and vomiting, I sware it works better than any other man made options out there, I was so thankful. I google cannabis Hyperemesis Gravidarum and found for many mums it worked and made severe HG bearable. I smoked cannabis before so was not afraid to a point to try it to help my HG.  I knew reefer madness was a joke, just look at the ad campaign on you tube anything for relief and to save us from hell or death I did not want to die I wanted to meet my baby. Then began the search of what damage using it would do, the best way use it and what trouble I could get in after the baby was born. It's illegal, these  Zofran wafers were making things worse with side effects that were horrible I wondered if I'd vomit  my stool soon because it was not coming out the other end. Zofran makes you so constipated,I hated taking pills but the Zofran wafers were not helping I was still very sick and the lack of food I know made things worse  . When my husband came home one night we argued about aborting and going to the the emergency because I needed an IV bad, I was very dehydrated. He loves me so much and even talking about it now he is mortified by what he saw me go through. It was torture for him almost as much as me watching a loved one carrying your child must be horrific when you can't do a thing about it. Cannabis saved my life. I cant tell you how it was the one thing that made me feel human again. I use to be afraid to speak about how cannabis helped me and my child make it though HG I am now not. I want to share with other Hg mums out there that cannabis can help HG and save your life without all the side effects you get from taking pills.You can read my full story in Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath.


HG Is NOT morning sickness it's beyond

Sick Of Being Sick

I'd spent days and nights on our toilet tiled floor with a blanket and pillow afraid to leave because my fiancé was working crazy hours grooming ski runs, I was alone literally so isolated on a ski resort. It was cold, dark, with storms coming in and I was very afraid of what was happening to me. I felt like I was dying slowly starving to death and so dehydrated my kidneys hurt I couldn't clean the mess of vomit , I was to weak too.  If I would miss a bucket so the tiny toilet floor became a bed, my home and my hell. This was not healthy and not good hygienic for a pregnancy. The smell of anything clean or cleaned or not made it worse. Lights and sound made me hurl so much it hurt.  It's really hard to explain but it made my nausea and vomiting worse.  For most HG mothers it does. I had my phone plugged in thank god it reached me or I'd been truly alone my new friend Google became my only distraction by searching anything I could find on my condition when I could focus on it and not the shape of the toilet bowel. I spent every minute I could trying to find some magical cure or treatment guess what no one even knows what causes it so a cure doesn't exist I was chewing more wafers than directed wondering if I was doing damage to me or killing my child I was so desperate Ive never been so desperate in my life for anything I was sick of being sick and wanted help to ease from the vomiting and the nausea was so bad, I know if I didn't find some type of treatment we wouldn't be here much longer. HG is not a joke, it life threatening and can kill you!

"Cannabis Needs To Be An Option For HG Moms Worldwide. When Other Treatment Doesn't Work Such As Zofran. All HG Mothers Deserves To Eat And Have Quality Of Life. The subject needs to not be so taboo

- Amy G